[APP] Raider – A special use case backup tool ;-)

Just finished the work on the initial release of Raider. Like I wrote in the last post this tool is inspired by p2p-adb from Kyle Osborn, so all creds go to him. This app requires root and adb installed on the device. You can find adb for arm7 here. I successfully tested Raider on my Xoom running Honeycomb 3.2 and on my Galaxy Tab running ICS. As target I used several rooted phones which all could be “backed up”.

This is the initial work I’ve done on this topic. The app is not threaded currently so if something goes wrong…

All backup files go to the devices sdcard (internal or external) and the filenames begin with raider-xxx.tar

Enjoy it and leave a comment if you like it (else just go ahead).

Grab it while it is on the play store

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