[Android] HushSMS 2.7.6 is out

A new year a new release.

Changes are:

– Added the option to send raw SumbmitPDU’s directly
– Code optimisation

With the new option you can send raw SubmitPDU directly from HushSMS extending your possibilities to manipulate SMS messages directly without the need of a complicated PC/Modem setup. You surely must be able to speak PDU though… 🙂

I also just released SMSProxy to the Google Play Store. With SMSProxy all outgoing SMS are monitored and logged into a database including timestamp, target number, content (if applicable) and the FULL SubmitPDU. Guess what: You can copy the logged PDUs from SMSProxy and paste it into HushSMS new option for sending SubmitPDU’s. Cool, isn’t it?

Enjoy & Cheers