[iOS] Switcher for Plugwise Source

The iOS app “Switcher for Plugwise Source” enables you to switch Plugwise appliances (circles) and see their energy consumption without the need of additional hardware like the Plugwise Smile P1 or Plugwise Stretch. Just enable the integrated webserver service in the Plugwise Source Software and configure it in the app settings. You also have the option to use the authentication. That’s it. Simple, huh?

Switcher fro Plugwise Source is compatible for iPhones and iPads with iOS version 5.1 or higher.

Grab it from the App Store:
Apple App Store page

4 thoughts on “[iOS] Switcher for Plugwise Source
  1. Hello Michael

    I just installed the app and used the procedure on the Microsoft site to find out my IP address after having enabled the webserver function via “enable web server”. However, nothing happens in the app. The windows IP it gives me is but my Mac ( I am running Plugwise on a virtual machine) gives me So I guess I must be doing something wrong. Can you help ?


    • Hi Marc,
      thanks for contacting me. I have the exact same setup. I’m running Windows with the Plugwise Source Software in a virtual machine on a MAC. From what you wrote I assume you have enabled a NAT or Host-Only network adapter in the setting of your virtual machine. You will need to change this to a BRIDGED Network adapter. I don’t know if you are using VMWare or Parallels but the wording is the same. When using Bridges Networking your Windows Machine will be connected to the same network as your MAC and should get an IP via DHCP from your router (assuming a standard network setup here but your millage may vary). To get a constant result with my App your windows machine should use a fixed IP address instead of DHCP because with DHCP the IP address is subject to change and then you have to restart the Plugwise Webserver and reconfigure the App accordingly which is not very user friendly. To set a fixed IP I would suggest setting it up in Windows. So after you have changed your network adapter in your virtual machine configuration (either in Parallels or VMWare) you should set a fixed IP (e.g.: in your Windows Network Adapters IP settings.
      I hope the above is of help for you.


  2. Hi,

    I purchased the iOs switcher for Source, but it does not work yet. I configured the settings in source. I looked up my IP address with IPchicker and the used the port 8080 but it does not work.

    Plse help me out

    Thanks, Niek

    • Hi Niek,

      I’m sorry that you are having a hard time using my software. You wrote that you looked up your IP address with IPChicken. May it be that you have entered your external IP address in my App then?

      For this to work you have to enter the internal IP address of your PC where the Plugwise Source software is running on, not the external IP.

      For this you have to follow the described procedure form microsoft. Assuming you have windows 7 please follow this guide: http://windows.microsoft.com/nl-nl/windows/find-computers-ip-address#1TC=windows-7

      Then enter the IP you just found in the app and it should be working.

      Please let me know if it works for you after following the above or if you still have problems.

      Best Regards,


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