[Android] IPS-Switcher

| Fast and Easy App to Switch IP-Symcon Objects |

Everyone who ever made something with home automation might already become aware of the mighty IP-Symcon Software. The company who brought you IP-Symcon also published an app on the Android Play Store whcih lets you use the Webfront from within an Android App. This might be a bit to heavy for some special uses cases and so I developed IPS-Switcher. It’s as simple as the name suggests. You define the server address, the objects and then you can immediately switch your objects on and off. Nothing more nothing less. Of course some who know the IP-Symcon products might ask for how the licensing is done. Well, there is no online checking of the license, no requirement for permanent internet connection and no “phoning home” of the app. Download from the Play Store, install on all your devices and be happy. In it’s current state there is no SSL implemented so I would not recommend to use it over the internet. It’s meant for home usage. In a later version I will implement SSL for sure.

Grab it from the Play Store:
Google Play store page





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