[Android] HushSMS got cracked again. Do I care? No! Should you? Yes! (read why)

first of all thanks to the crackers (I’m sure you’re reading this some day). You draw some more attention to my App.

So my App got cracked (again) and I simply do not care. Why you ask? Because I personaly don’t mind if you use a manipulated App from an untrusted source that can send out messages and thus costs you money. But why should you care?
To make it short: This App is developed with maximum caution to not cause you any harm or generate costs by accidently sending thousands messages that will cost you a lot of money. So if you use the cracked version of HushSMS there is no guarantee that the protection mechanisms are still valid and you will not lose money by improper code.

Additionaly a general note on using cracked Apps: Android Apps are written in Java. They can be decompiled, manipulated and recompiled easily. Thus you will never know if the cracked App you use contains malicious code or malware, and you will not become aware of because malware writers are clever too…

However, if you can’t afford the small fee for buying HushSMS (or any other App) from an official source you should simply continue to use the cracked version and risk losing money, get scammed by malicious code or get assimilated by a Borg collective 🙂

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