[iOS] Scrambled Net for iPhone / iPad released

[TL/DR] Grab it here: https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/scrambled-net/id1061103170?mt=8

As like for many of you the addictive Puzzle Game Scrambled Net was a game that I always installed as first App on any new Android phone I had in the past. When I switched to iOS for my daily driver about a year ago that game was something I always missed. It had helped me out the many times when I had to wait for a flight/train/doctor/whatever. So I decided to write it from scratch for iOS devices and I will add new things over time.
It’ been released a week ago and I’m playing it daily.

A currently pending release, yet to be approved by Apple, adds Game Center support and a global Leaderboard so you can compare your skills with others around the world.






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