[Security Advisory] XSS and Content Injection in HTC Windows Mobile SMS

XSS and Content Injection in HTC Windows Mobile SMS Preview PopUp

Date: 22.04.2010

– Description
Windows Mobile shows message previews if configured to do so. Due to missing input validation the contents of a sms is not properly sanitized and interpreted as it is. This can lead to content injection and xss.

– Example
Send a sms with the following sample contents to a Windows Mobile based device which has message preview enabled:

1. <html><head><meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=http://www.google.de/”></head></html>
2. <script>alert(‘Thats evil’)</script>
3. You know waht you can do with that, find your own…

– Tested on
HTC Touch Pro 2, Windows Mobile 6.5
Other devices from HTC are vulnerable too

– Solution
Disable the “Show Message” Option in the notification settings, or if the device is from HTC install the supplied patch for your device (which does the same).

– Credits

The vulnerability was discovered by Michael Mueller from Integralis

Inspired by the Palm WebOS SMS Hack by intrepidusgroup

– Timeline
22.04.2010 – Vulnerabilities discovered
22.04.2010 – Public release

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