[Android] HushSMS 2.7.6 is out

A new year a new release.

Changes are:

– Added the option to send raw SumbmitPDU’s directly
– Code optimisation

With the new option you can send raw SubmitPDU directly from HushSMS extending your possibilities to manipulate SMS messages directly without the need of a complicated PC/Modem setup. You surely must be able to speak PDU though… :-)

I also just released SMSProxy to the Google Play Store. With SMSProxy all outgoing SMS are monitored and logged into a database including timestamp, target number, content (if applicable) and the FULL SubmitPDU. Guess what: You can copy the logged PDUs from SMSProxy and paste it into HushSMS new option for sending SubmitPDU’s. Cool, isn’t it?

Enjoy & Cheers

[Android] HushSMS v2.7.5 is out

Changes in version 2.7.5 are:

– Added option to set the number of waiting messages in MWI when using UDH method
– Fixed a bug in Replace messages when phone automatically adds a validity period in the message
– Added option to disable delivery report for Class0 message as per to user request


[Android] HushSMS 2.7.2 is out

Changes are:

– UI changes
– Added notification sound for Alert Messages
– Changed some functions so that users with a HTC device with Sense UI ROM can now also use the Xposed Module (not required though)
– Removed the annoying “allyourmessages…” message from the inbox when using Xposed (now only shows “HushSMS message sent”)


[Android] HushSMS 2.7.1 is out

Changes are:

– Set the fields for Number and Message as variable instead static in the Tasker plugin. This should give you some more flexibility when using HushSMS with Tasker.
– Fixed a bug in the “Alert Feature” where alert where not shown under some circumstances


[Android] HushSMS v2.7 is out


– Fixed a bug which prevented HushSMS to work properly on CM11 build after 31.06.2014. It’s working fine again now on latest CM11 nightlies
– Reintegrated Xposed Module into HushSMS. You no longer need to install a separate Xposed Module APK. Please disabled/uninstall the old module in Xposed Framework prior to using v2.7



[Android] Simple Secure Notes released

Simple Secure Notes stores your thoughts as encrypted text files, ready to be synced to your cloudspace of choice.

It is available in the Google Play Store for 99 Cents (€/$).

It stores your data AES256 encrypted in txt files. You can then use tools like FolderSync to sync your notes to owncloud, dropbox, drive or whatever cloudspace you use.

Regain your privacy! NOW!

[Android] HushSMS v2.6.1 released

WARNING: HushSMS is currently not compatible with the latest CM11 nightlies as of July 2014. All other CM11 before July should be fine. The issue is currently under investigation.

I recently slowly started coding again after a long period of other things I had to handle. So I just released version 2.6.1 of HushSMS and version 1.7.6 of the HushSMSXposedHelper module. All customers can download via the usual form here. Note that the HushSMSXposedHelper v1.7.6 is required by HushSMS 2.6.1.

Existing customers can download the update after providing the license string here.

So what’s new?

First and most important I added an update checker so you don’t have to revisit my homepage over and over again to make sure you are on the latest version. You can now check it on every start (configurable in the settings; see screenshot below) or manually from the menu.

Of course there are a lot of bug fixes in this release which I will not explicitly mention here.

Then a totally new feature is the alert function which enables you to get notified about event like if someone is sending an MWI message to you. You will get an alert window (see screenshot below) when clicking in the notification which shows you all known message details including the full PDU and the senders number. Of course this whole stuff can be disabled in the settings screen, but I guess you will like this feature :-)

Well I know there are still a lot of features you requested and maybe there are new (and also old) bugs hanging around and I will do my best to provide you with the best experience, please bare with me.

In case of any questions / comments / rants please don’t hesitate to contact me via email.





[Android] HushSMS removed from Google Play Store and AndroidPit

Wow! That was a day. On December 03, 2013 Google as well as AndroidPit decided to remove (final decision) HushSMS from their stores. AndroidPit didn’t even send me an email or something. Google complained about some policy violations like that it’s a dangerous app. Well that’s bullshit. In coincidence they have patched the Class0 SMS vulnerability in the android source (https://android-review.googlesource.com/#/c/71102/) discovered by Bogdan Alecu a few hours before they pulled HushSMS from the Play Store.
A few days before that all Bogdan came up with the idea of writing a protection app for the vulnerability prior to making it public during DefCamp. I wrote the app (Class0Firewall) and released it for free and of course without ads in the Google Play Store so that owners of the vulnerable Nexus devices can protect themselves.
Hey Google, that’s not the right way to say: “Thank you for protecting my Nexus Device customers.”
What disturbs me most is the fact that there are other SMS programs in the Play Store that are able to send Flash or Class0 messages. HushSMS is nothing illegal nor abuses it the GSM network. Come on Google, read the 3GPP TS23.040 Technical realization of the Short Message Service and the OMA WAP Papers. Compare the specifications to the features of HushSMS and discover that there is nothing dangerous with it. Sorry Google, I forgot that it’s easier to remove something than to use the brain device and think.